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Why does this Site exist

Have you ever thought: “Not yet another meeting! Will I get anything done today?” when receiving a meeting invitation? And instead of bringing the necessary energy to that meeting, your laptop/mobile gets more interesting by the minute?

Studies show that 71% of Management feel that a typical business meeting takes too long, participants are too unmotivated and that this time is spent in an unproductive way. Apart from getting a professional Facilitator, we believe that the best way to raise the energy levels in meetings is to start them with something true and positive.

“People think better throughout the meeting if the very first thing they do is to say something true and positive about their work or how the work of the group is going”
– Nancy Kline (1999)

Key to using this solution-focused productivity enhancer is that the statement made by each attendee has to be personal, true and positive. The intention is to focus on enabling each member to recount a moment in his or her work where they felt proud to bring more motivation to the current meeting.

Just give it a try and open your next meeting with one of our t+p questions.